Wellness Coaching


what Clients are Saying

“ On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest…I would rate my coaching experience an 11! ”
- A Grateful Client

Wellness is a word you hear frequently now, but what does it really mean? Often people initially think about their general health and fitness but then have a sense of something deeper. This is because wellness is not just a physical dimension or the absence of disease. Halbert Dunn first introduced the concept of wellness in the late 1950s and began outlining a multidimensional approach to wellness that included interpersonal relationships, family relationships, community or environmental circumstances, and job satisfaction. His words resonate with me:

“If we are to move in the direction of high-level wellness for man and society, we cannot ignore the spirit of man in any discipline”… “It is the author’s view that the central bastion to be conquered involves teaching people how to ‘know themselves’…little has been undertaken to help ordinary people, classified as ‘well’ to know themselves and thus become better balanced and able to meet their daily problems more adequately”.

When daily problems build up, the outward signs of this can result in physical issues: weight gain or another new health challenge. So, the initial reaction is to try to change some habits to improve one’s health status. But what about the underlying daily problems? By increasing your awareness and getting to “know yourself”, you can make some lasting lifestyle changes and ultimately improve your overall well-being.

How many times have you tried this on your own without lasting results?

I can help you. As a certified wellness coach, I partner with you to form a powerful alliance and provide the process needed for optimal, sustained results. I use my expertise to help you build the confidence and self-awareness necessary to make and sustain the changes you desire. Call me to explore a coaching plan that is right for you!

Organizations: Wellness Coaching is an ideal and highly effective part of a workplace wellness program. In addition to coaching, I offer a series of wellness presentations that can be adapted to the specific needs of your organization.

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