Executive Coaching

With my unique blend of professional and wellness coaching certifications, I incorporate a multidimensional approach to the coaching process.  I can support executives and managers in establishing a well being culture that drives engagement and ultimately helps organizations flourish.

According to the Gallup 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, 70% of American workers are not engaged or actively disengaged.  The report also indicates that engagement is strongly connected to an organization’s productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.  The Chairman and CEO of Gallup addressed leaders at the beginning of the report; he emphatically points out the importance of managers in the success and profitability of organizations.

Often coaching is reserved for employees at the executive level.  While this is important, it is also essential to invest in the managers that work so closely with employees to carry out the mission of the organization.  Managers need support and leadership development to ensure their success.  The famous airline instruction applies here:  you must take care of yourself before you can help others.

While many organizations try to separate an employee’s work and home life, the truth is you can’t.  Research supports an increase in an employee’s overall wellbeing benefits the organization through increased engagement, productivity, and customer satisfaction.  I can provide individual and team coaching to help you achieve these desired results.  As part of a leadership development program, I can also teach managers coaching skills to use with their employees to ultimately increase engagement.


what Clients are Saying

“ Nancy offers an appropriate blend of encouragement, support, and challenge.  This creates the kind of healthy discomfort necessary to achieving meaningful personal and professional growth. ”
- CEO of a Large Not-for-profit Organization