About Me

Hello, I am Nancy Turngren, a professional coach passionate about my mission of helping individuals and organizations flourish through the power of awareness and conscious choice. I believe our work and personal lives have become so driven by outside forces that it requires us to consciously pause and be mindful of our priorities. As a coach it is rewarding to provide the space for individuals and organizations to work through this process and witness the growth that is achieved.

My career began as a Registered Nurse working in Oncology. As I reflect on this experience, it was the beginning of looking at the individual as a whole and not just the presenting diagnosis. I transitioned to Medical Group Administration. Through my experience as a healthcare administrator, I achieved success as a leader through effective communication, listening and engagement with the employees on my team.

As my career path led me to the field of wellness I immediately appreciated the difference between treating illness and achieving wellness. Traditional medicine prescribes and treats, while wellness coaching advocates and inspires. It was a very freeing experience for me to witness the coaching process the first time and realize people could make significant changes without being told what to do.

My passion for learning and continued growth led me to find a program that could further develop my knowledge of the coaching process and apply it in different settings. With a medical background, I still had a fundamental need for my work to be based upon scientific theory that has been tested and proven, i.e. “evidence based”. As a result, I obtained a Masters in Organizational Management & Development with a Graduate Certificate in Evidence Based Coaching. This additional formal education solidified the foundation of my coaching practice and facilitated my certification through the International Coach Federation.

I bring a unique combination of business and wellness experience to my clients. Regardless of how hard we try, our professional and personal lives are intertwined; one certainly affects the other. With an understanding of both, I can help individuals achieve their desired goals.

In my personal life, I enjoy reading, golfing, hiking, and cooking. I seek spending time by the water; I find it calming and relaxing, yet energizing at the same time. I am married to a very supportive husband and have three daughters and three step-sons.